City Hall Roof Replacement

The City of Frederick’s City Hall has served the community in many capacities through Frederick’s history. The City is committed to the historic preservation of this iconic building and to ensure the safety of all those who enter. On April 27, 2020, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen approved a contract with Alden Bailey Restoration for the full replacement of the City Hall roof. Over the last decade, small repair jobs have kept the roof in a satisfactory state. However, the roof was in need of much greater repairs. The project scope was completed in November 2020.

City Hall Roof 11-20-20 (13)


The condition of the existing roof slates suggests a variety of ages and different quarries are represented. Many of the existing slates are badly weathered, cracked, and exhibit lamination, efflorescence, and evidence of water absorption. There is also evidence of water absorption on the underside of some of the roof sheathing indicating the need for replacement. The 20% threshold of damaged or deteriorated slates referred to in the Preservation Brief for Slate Roofs has been exceeded. The previous repairs of many cracked and broken slates appear to have been done with silicone sealant and incorporated slate material that did not match the color of the original slates. The use of bibs made from corrosive steel is evident over many sections of the roof.

The gutter as installed does not allow for expansion along its length as the leading edge is tacked to the wood fascia with copper nails. This restriction of movement causes stresses to build up and be relieved at bends and fold in the copper sheet. Over time, those areas have fatigued and caused small cracks or holes in the gutter. Although the downspouts have been restored to operation, the size of two downspouts on the East elevation and one on the West elevation do not seem adequate to handle heavy rain events. Cornice fascia and soffit in some areas are deteriorating causing them to sag. The snow guard is inappropriate for the amount of contributing roof area. Consequently, large build-ups of snow and ice have overrun and damaged the snow guards.

Project Timeline

This project included removal and replacement of existing slate roof in-kind, repointing of the chimneys, replacement of the skylights, masonry cleaning and replacement, replacement of the gutters and downspouts, and other site work as per the contract. 

Work Zones 1 & 2: June-July 2020

Site Mobilization; scaffolding of work zones 1 & 2. 

Work Zones 3 & 4: August-September 2020

On completion of Work zone 1 and 2, scaffolds will be removed and mounted on work zone 3 and 4. 

October 2020

Removal of Scaffolding and completion of remaining Site work.


Impact to Local Area

The work was accomplished by dividing the work into 4 work zones to limit pedestrian traffic disturbance. The roof replacement project included:

•     scaffolding of City Hall;
• construction workers and equipment surrounding 101 North Court Street; and
•     temporary parking spot closures on Council Street

The City did not experience any long term road closures during the project. 

Alden Bailey Restoration has provided the City with a comprehensive safety plan outlining its strategy to follow all safety rules and regulations. The contractor is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for its staff and our community.

City Contact

Questions may be directed to Project Manager, Etinosa Odia, at 240-529-5043.