Let's Move Frederick: A Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan for the City of Frederick

The Plan

Our Public Draft is now available for download! Find it here: 

Public Draft 4 (60 MB)
Draft Bikeway Proposal Map
Draft Pedestrian Project Map

Because the draft is going to be revised over the course of the next few months, things may change - keep up to date on the latest draft by always looking back here.


Join us on May 30 at 6pm at the Municipal Annex (140 W Patrick Street) to talk with your fellow residents and transportation planner David Edmondson about Let's Move, Frederick! Let us know what's great, what needs changing, what's bad, and what we might have missed. It will be a workshop-style event, so we hope to see you there. 


The City is now embarking on a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian planning effort called Let’s Move Frederick!

The city’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan laid out three important policy aims: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce driving in the city, and to reduce traffic. To do so, the Comprehensive Plan called for the city to implement its first comprehensive plan focusing on its pedestrian infrastructure and its bicycling infrastructure. The Plan also called for the city to elevate walking and bicycling to be as safe, useful, and comfortable as driving.

Let’s Move Frederick will:

  • Explore the current status of walking and bicycling in Frederick
  • Detail the current research regarding what makes a city bikeable and walkable
  • Create a citywide walking network that will prioritize the missing sidewalk links throughout the city.
  • Create a citywide bicycling network prioritizing connectivity, comfort, and equity.
  • Determine these networks’ maintenance needs to ensure they will be safe and usable at all times of the year
  • Create programs to encourage people to walk and bicycle
  • Describe the financing landscape to create and operate these networks and programs