Golden Mile Multimodal Lane

Project Introduction

This project will create a bus-only lane on the north (westbound) side of US40 between Baughman’s Lane and Waverly Drive while also building a new shared-use path adjacent to it, between Waverly Drive and the entrance driveway to Frederick County Square. Because this is a state-operated roadway, the City will not be completing construction but will partner with the State Highway Authority (SHA), who will be the lead agency on construction.

West Patrick Street from US15 to Waverly Drive is the busiest surface road in Frederick, accommodating over 48,000 cars per day. Unfortunately, as it is currently designed, West Patrick Street in the Golden Mile is an unwelcoming place for anyone who is not in a car. For people who are on foot or on a bike, it is a wide, noisy, and fast-moving road. For people on transit, buses must move slowly between the various shopping centers. As a result, most people who have a choice drive to the Golden Mile, and others avoid it entirely.

Vital Data

Cost for final design: $858,000
Estimated cost for construction: $4.6 million
Length: 1.25 miles
Capital Improvement Program Number: 380001
Projected Final Design Completion Date: 2023
Estimated Construction Completion Date: 2025


Project Status

The city is currently advertising for the final design of the project with a combination of state and local funding. After this, the city will be working with the State Highway Authority to secure funding and begin construction.

The concept, outreach, and 30% design phases are complete. 100% design has begun.