North Market Protected Bicycle Lane


The North Market Protected Bicycle Lane Project will add a two-way protected bicycle lane from Routzahn Way to 9th Street along the western side of North Market Street. This is part of the efforts outlined in the Comprehensive Plan to create a more equitable, safe, and multimodal transportation network.

While just a few hundred feet currently exist as a pilot design, the North Market lane will be a north-south connector, allowing people to travel to and from downtown easily and safely. It will pass by three schools – the Banner School, Thomas Johnson High School, and Thomas Johnson Middle School. It will intersect with the East Street Rails with Trails Phase 2 project at East Street and will also link with the existing one-way bicycle lane already between 7th and 9th streets.

It is divided into two phases: the first from East Street north to Routzahn Way; the second from East Street south to 9th Street.

Vital Data

Length: 1.4 miles


This project is currently on hold until East Street Rails with Trails Phase 2 construction is underway. A pilot project currently exists at the East Street intersection.

Conceptual planning has begun.