FPO Permit and Forms

Application for FP Permit:  A person may not begin any development or construction wholly within, partially within, or in contact with any flood hazard area established in this chapter, including but not limited to: filling; grading; construction of new structures; the substantial improvement of buildings or structures, including repair of substantial damage; placement or replacement of manufactured homes, including substantial improvement or repair of substantial damage of manufactured homes; erecting or installing a temporary structure, or alteration of a watercourse, without first obtaining a permit from the City Engineer. Please note, the City FP permit is in addition to any State or Federal permit.

Application for FP Variance:  Requests for variance from FPO requirements will be evaluated by the City Floodplain Review Board.

Template Declaration of Land Restrictions:  Required for accessory structures and decks in the floodplain. The declaration of land restriction is deeded against the property for future homeowners to know that the structure is not converted to a habitable structure since it does not meet all floodplain criteria for a habitable structure in the floodplain.