Residential Compost Pilot

City Expands Residential Compost Pilot City-wide

The City of Frederick is proud to announce the launch of its residential compost pilot project beginning August 21. This program seeks to reduce waste in the city, encourage environmental stewardship, and create new opportunities for composting.
The pilot project is open to any household receiving City trash collection. The City will pay for the services during the program, so all residents are invited to take part. Those who do not have their trash collected by the City can still take advantage of compost collection services from Key City Compost for a monthly fee.
“This program is an important step towards reducing our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for our citizens,” said Mayor Michael O’Connor. “We’re inviting all households to join us in this effort and take part in this project. We’re confident it will have a positive impact on building a resilient, sustainable future for our City and our residents.”
Composting is an important part of any sustainable city. It reduces the amount of trash entering the municipal landfill, creates nutrient-rich soil without chemical fertilizers, and helps reduce the city’s carbon footprint.
The City of Frederick is committed to creating sustainable cities and communities. This pilot project is the latest in a series of efforts to reduce the city’s environmental impact and foster a healthier, greener future.

Residential Compost Pilot FAQs

1. Who can sign up for the pilot program?

Residents whose trash is hauled by the City are eligible to participate, however, all residents outside the pilot can sign up for Key City Compost services for a monthly fee. 

2. How long will the pilot last?

The City received grant funds to extend the pilot program, likely for at least one year. We will collect data to determine how a project might scale up to include all residents. The length of the pilot is dependent on how many residents sign up for service.

3. How many residents can sign up for the pilot?

The program will accept rolling sign-ups and will continue the pilot for as long as there is funding available.

4. What happens after the pilot is finished?

Data will be collected and shared at public meetings periodically to gauge interest and program effectiveness.

5. How do I sign up for the pilot program?

6. Who do I contact with questions?

For questions about signups or service, contact Key City Compost at 240.608.0283 or For general questions about the pilot, contact Jenny Willoughby at