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Planning Department Covid-19 Update

On Friday March 13th, The City of Frederick declared a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak and initiated operational adjustments to City employees. Due to these adjustments the Municipal Annex and Planning Department is closed to the public. 

The City of Frederick is committed to the health and safety of residents and our City workforce. To stay up to date on the City’s response, please visit the City’s Covid-19 page  or our social media channels.

Online Submissions

Beginning today, Wednesday April 1st, the City is pleased to now offer the ability for the public to submit applications and plans to the Planning department online. Payment of fee’s by credit card can now also be accepted online. Click the appropriate link below and complete the pre-submittal application for your request. You will then be contacted by a staff member to complete the submission process.


Applications will be accepted for the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Historic Preservation Commission in accordance with the following deadlines.

For new submissions and resubmissions of annexations, text and zoning map amendments, master plans, forest conservation plans, subdivisions and site plans, applications must be submitted and will be processed in accordance with the April 27th  deadline. The complete Planning Commission deadline schedules are available online at Please contact Gabrielle Collard, Division Manager of Current Planning via email at with questions.

For Zoning Board of Appeals cases, the next submission deadline is April 21st. The complete deadline schedule is available online at Please contact Gabrielle Collard, Division Manager of Current Planning via email at with questions.

For Historic Preservation cases, all new sign, fence, addition, amendment, rehabilitation, demolition, new construction applications must be submitted in accordance with the April 2nd deadline. The Historic Preservation Commission deadline schedules are available online at All applicants that need to resubmit plans must contact the Historic Preservation Planner that is managing your project. Please contact Brandon Mark, Division Manager of Community Planning and Urban Design via email at with questions.

Development Database

Development Map Opens in new windowThe City’s Development Database is provided to give residents, business owners, and the development of community insight into the projects that are currently pending review with the Division of Planning.  Once you launch the database you will view a map of all pending development in Frederick. Click the picture or here to enter.


Do you want to know the zoning of your property or to print out a map of your house?  Use the SpiresGIS General Map

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