Bike Registration

Each year the Frederick Police Department (FPD) recovers hundreds of lost or stolen bicycles. Many of these bikes go unclaimed. 

Facilitating Bicycle Returns

In an effort to facilitate the return of as many bicycles as possible to their owners, we are pleased to announce the launching of a new display on the City’s website as well as on Channel 99. This display will scroll through a series of photographs of some of the bicycles currently in the possession of the Frederick Police Department. Each slide will have a corresponding case report number associated with it. If you see a bicycle on this site that you believe may be yours, please contact the number listed. 

Be prepared to give a detailed description of the bicycle in question including serial number, distinguishing features, and the date and time your bicycle was lost or stolen.

Registration Program

In addition, the Frederick Police Department is beginning a bicycle registration program. The information for this program can be found on the FPD’s webpage. Please complete the registration form and email it to the address listed. In the event your bicycle is lost or stolen this will help facilitate its return to you.