Who is responsible for the pruning of the street trees?
The City of Frederick employs an arborist who is a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert and International Society of Arboriculture certified. Additionally, the City employs other staff that is Maryland Certified Roadside Tree Care Experts within their maintenance crews. Our Arboricultural staff routinely visits each public right-of-way tree and provides appropriate maintenance using a tree inventory system. This is system is utilized to assist preventative maintenance scheduling on a 5 to 7 year cycle. A majority of the trees have an identification number associated with them to help track their growth, health, pruning, removal, and replacement.

Note: Residents as well as professional arboricultural companies are not allowed to prune any public right-of-way tree without the permission/authority of the City of Frederick

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1. Who manages the street trees located between the curb and sidewalk?
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4. As spring comes, am I allowed to mulch and/or plant flowers around the street tree in front of my residence?
5. Who is responsible for the pruning of the street trees?
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